Welcome to Living on the Beach

In this brochure we introduce you to the Cape Verde Islands. You can learn more about the climate and culture of this tropical archipelago. We explain what makes the Living on the Beach formula so special and why now is the time to invest in real estate on the Cape Verde Islands. You will also get a first impression of our exclusive offers.

Real estate investments
on the Cape Verde Islands.

After more than 10 years experience in Belgium, we discovered brand new and huge opportunities on Cape Verde. Tourism and more specifically, building of new five-star resorts is in full flow.


When investing in real estate, the key to your success are capital growth and yield. It is therefore important for these two elements to be present.


  • 10% net return from day one until opening,
  • 7% guaranteed rental yield from opening of resort onwards.
  • You are the owner of real estate with land by notary deed.
  • After 5 years re-sale option via The Resort Group Plc. Selling your property on is possible at any time, without any obligation to third parties.

And enjoy

The Cape Verde Islands are the up and coming holiday destination which is becoming ever more popular with the European holidaymaker because of its hospitable local population, very stable political climate and, of course, year-long sunshine.

Get in the mood

The short videos underneath give you a first impression of the Cape Verde Islands.